How Secure is Your WordPress Website?

Since the end of April, WordPress has released 3 important security updates to their core software (details here).  These updates patch some serious security vulnerabilities that leave your site susceptible to hackers and malicious code.
The result of a hack could be anything from reduced website performance, compromised/stolen data to a full site takeover where any number of your site files are seriously damaged and your site is be most likely taken offline or redirected somewhere inappropriate.
Unfortunately with the popularity of the WordPress platform, it has become a very common target for hackers.  Since the start of the year, we’ve seen a surprising increase in the number of clients who have had significant site compromises on outdated WordPress websites.
The single best way to protect your site from these nasty attacks is to regularly update it.  While we regularly perform updates to all of our back-end server software, if you’re not on a maintenance plan with us or updating your website yourself, it’s most likely vulnerable. 
We’d strongly suggest that you review our maintenance plans here:  Our standard $12.50/month plan is perfect to protect most WordPress websites.  It includes monthly updates to all core, plugin and theme files plus 30 minutes of free website revisions each month.
To get started, just drop us a line and we’d be happy to sign you up!

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